Taking Care of Rust and Oil Stains with Pressure Washing Services

  Having rust and oil stains on your driveway or outdoor surfaces detracts from the look of your home. Worried that guests might find your home dirty? Or you just simply want to have your abode a makeover. Luckily, pressure washing services can help with this problem. But, how do you know if pressure washing will actually get rid of these stubborn blemishes? Let’s take a look at why rust and oil stains are so difficult to get rid of and how pressure washing can help. 

What Causes Rust and Oil Stains? 

Rust is caused by oxidation, which occurs when iron is exposed to oxygen and moisture. This process produces reddish-brown patches that work their way deep into the surface causing permanent discoloration. Similarly, oil stains are caused by motor oils and other petroleum products that have seeped deep into the concrete or asphalt surface. The longer these substances stay on the surface, the harder they become to remove because they embed themselves deeper into the material over time. 

What causes rust stains on walls?

Cracks, weak spots and physical damage to painted surfaces causes the steel to be exposed underneath to saltwater and corrosion, which results to spots or runs of rust on painted surfaces. 

What are the common Concrete Stains?

Rusting Pop outs

Does your driveway have any rust spots where it looks like some type of metal is sticking though the concrete causing it to rust?  Although this could be possible, the usual cause of rust spots on driveways are due to iron stone or coal within the concrete. Concrete suppliers are allowed a certain amount of this type of stone within their batches as it is found in the same areas as the other stone used to make concrete. These iron and coal are considered “soft rock" because they can absorb more water than other types of stone.  That water absorption can pop the concrete above the stone causing a “pop out.” Once the stone is exposed the chemical reaction between the rock, water and air causes the stone to rust until it fully degrades.  These can leave bleeding rust marks on a driveway for months.

 Fertilizers and Concrete

Flowers and plants are decorations to make our outdoor area look attractive. While some plants require minimal maintenance and care, others require fertilizers to help replenish nutrients and promote plant growth.Fertilizers and plant foods contain metals and minerals and when minerals come into contact with water while on a concrete surface, the chemical reaction between them and the water can cause rust looking stains. To ensure the concrete doesn’t get stained, avoid preparing the fertilizer solution on any concrete areas and spray around any concrete edges very carefully. Consider getting a professional pressurewasher that considers your plants when doing the job!

Oil Stains

Oil stains are the most common type of stains found on driveways and garages. When oil or any other fluid hits the surface of the concrete, it begins to slowly penetrate deep into the concrete layers, leaving a stain that is very difficult to remove. In order to prevent a stain, it is crucial to use an absorbent immediately after the leak occurs on the concrete surface.

Can Pressure Washing Help? 

Pressure washing is one of the best ways to tackle rust and oil stains because it uses force to break up tough deposits on surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, stonework, walls, roofs - even vehicles! By spraying water at very high pressures (up to 4500 psi), you can blast away even deeply embedded contaminants like rust and oil without damaging the underlying surface or surrounding area. With professional pressure washing services like those offered by Fidelity Pressure Washing Sarasota, you can count on getting a deep clean without any risk of damage or harm to your property or belongings.      

When it comes to getting rid of rust and oil stains around your home or business property, pressure washing is one of the most effective solutions available. Not only can it safely remove deeply embedded contaminants without damaging your property in any way – but it’s also an excellent way to keep outdoor surfaces looking their best for years to come! If you’re dealing with rust or oil stains around your home or business property, make sure you reach out for professional help right away so that you don’t have to worry about them anymore!


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